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Relying on siloed, non-secure email threads and file sharing with your supplier network can cause poor document visibility, exposure to cyber crime, increased lead times and much more.

Veratrak offers a SaaS platform for the life sciences to streamline all document exchange processes across vast supplier networks.

With Veratrak, companies can guarantee data integrity, generate efficiencies, reduce lead times, and gather invaluable data on their supply chain operations.

Secure communication with partner organisations

Complete Security over document transfers

Sharing files over email may be convenient, but the loss of security you experience is not worth the risk. You lose control once you press send. At Veratrak we provide full visibility into document processes to connect supply chain partners securely.

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Use Case Spotlight: Remote Audits & Inspections with Veratrak

The Veratrak Platform provides a central, secure location for all Customer and Supplier Audits.

We are agnostic to your existing software process and provide an easy, secure and efficient way of completing Remote GMP Audits.

With Veratrak you can:

  • Schedule audits.
  • Fit your partners’ IT requirements.
  • Provide a GMP/GDP Compliant environment.
  • Securely exchange large files with view only access (including video site walkthroughs).
  • Communicate before, after and during remote Audits/Inspections.

Our Remote Audit solution is designed in accordance with guidance provided by the European Medicines Agency in October 2020

8 Key Factors for an Optimal Remote Audit Process as outlined by the European Medicines Agency:


1. Ability to contact the Client/Supplier to organise and schedule Audit


2. Necessary IT resources available to both parties


3. IT Resource implemented suitable for GMP/GDP Compliance


4. Platform facilitates exchange of large documents


5. Platform provides both pre-recorded video files and Live Video Sharing


6. Communication channel is available prior to and during audit

7. Access to secure cloud server to share and view documentation available


8. Ability to provide “View only” access to shared documentation

Get in touch today for more information on how Veratrak is helping Pharma Clients get back on schedule with Remote Audits.

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What are poor security and inefficient external document collaboration costing your Organisation?

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How valuable is the visibility and security of your production process to your company?

With a more efficient, secure and transparent external document collaboration process, Veratrak saves clients on average over £5.50 for every £1.00 spent.



Compliant and Secure document collaboration


Know where each batch is at all times

time management


Save time and money by streamlining your external collaboration

Veratrak is a trusted supplier for over 70 companies across 5 continents​


A single source of truth for your shared documents.

Bring your supply chain partners together into a single secure platform for the sharing of critical documentation. Ensure that you and your partners are working from the latest versions and eliminate endless email threads.

Collaborate at speed.

Build collaborative workflows to share, request, review and sign off critical documentation. Slash lead times by ensuring that internal and external documentation processes can be streamlined and completed in record time while increasing quality.

Cutting-edge security and compliance support.

Have complete peace of mind when it comes to GxP compliance and cybersecurity. We understand the complexities of compliance and our platform has been built according to the GAMP5 guidelines and offers 21 CFR, Part 11 Compliant E-Signatures, ideal for a GxP environment. We go beyond the status quo, providing cutting edge auditability and data integrity utilising blockchain technology to secure the audit trail of all document activity

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We are a partner, not a service.

Choosing Veratrak means a true partnership. We offer a user-centric experience. We’re nimble and ready to support your needs to ensure that you get the best use out of our platform. Our dedicated team is continuously developing our solution to drive efficiency forward in every supply chain. We adopt a collaborative approach in everything we do and our relentless customer focus means we always deliver on our promises.

We offer support as standard.

From validation packages to ongoing support, we ensure that adopting our software is as streamlined as possible. We offer great training, but our customers find our solution is so easy to use it’s often not required. Should you need us, we provide in-app support and are at the other end of the phone if you have any questions.

We are focused on the future.

We are forward thinking and take a fresh approach. We are genuinely excited to bring innovative solutions that work for you to the table. We have an intelligent and committed team that help you adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity and bring new energy and flexibility to your organisation. We know that the status quo isn’t fit for purpose and we aspire to drive the pharmaceutical and life science industry forwards.

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