Introducing Integrated Warehouse Project

At Veratrak, we are building the world’s first Integrated Warehouse for healthcare and life science companies and logistics service providers using blockchain technology.

Currently, integrations between healthcare and life science organisations (HLS) and logistics service providers (LSP) take between six and nine months, creating high switching costs, sub-optimal material allocation and limited transparency of performance.


Connect your Supply Chain

Our Integrated Warehouse Solution removes peer-to-peer connections between HLSs and LSPs to access a vast network of supply chain services. The initiative will use blockchain technology to allow participating organisations to verify data coming into the Integrated Warehouse message hub, creating a single and irrefutable source of truth for all messages that are shared between HLSs and LSPs.

Veratrak’s Integrated Warehouse Solution will help create a decentralised data exchange platform, enabling companies to work more efficiently, free up working capital, have visibility in areas where there is currently none, and significantly reduce annual spend on IT services.