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Veratrak’s CEO, Jason Lacombe, shared the podium with experts from IBM to discuss β€œBlockchain In Action”.

More than 400 people attended the conference on November the 18th of 2019, where approximately 90 speakers shared a wealth of experience over two days of sessions. The interactive sessions covered a range of topics, from operations and manufacturing, to technology and collaboration.

Communications amongst stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry was the overarching theme of the conference. A majority of the speakers acknowledged the need for improved collaboration technologies.

Veratrak’s CEO, Jason Lacombe, shared the podium with experts from IBM for a talk titled β€œBlockchain In Action”. During the session, an overview of blockchain was given, along with practical use cases for the technology.

Key takeaways from the session:

Collaboration between life sciences companies requires processes around how information is shared. Blockchain provides a secure and compliant method for sharing information among different stakeholders in the life science supply chain facilitated by its immutable audit logs.

Whilst organisations have document management tools for internal use, most do not have dedicated systems for external document collaboration with their suppliers and partners. This leads to inefficiencies in collaboration, a lack of visibility into mission-critical supply chain processes, and can compromise confidential data.

Veratrak is committed to solving these challenges. Get in touch to find out how we can improve collaboration, security, and visibility outside the walls of your business.

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Veratrak’s documentation management and collaboration platform allows Pharmaceutical Supply Chain companies to better collaborate, increasing security and efficiency. Our practical use of blockchain technology provides a rock solid audit trail of documentation handovers for our customers.