Workspace: Move away from unsecure communication channels like email and seamlessly collaborate with all of your suppliers on any business process using workspaces. Improving collaboration, visibility, and quality requires workspaces that are tightly access controlled to ensure tracking, managing and auditing of business process workflows in a secure and accessible environment. Progress bars, customizable workflows and automated task reminders provide a true shared source of truth for internal and external users.
Document collaboration: Our robust collaboration portal makes your document processes optimized by providing one location for all your critical documents. Document sharing (upload, download, review), compliant electronic signatures, and document lifecycle management allow you to manage all your document needs in one place.
Notifications: Veratrak allows notification triggers for one-time contributors, regular users, groups of users, and external third parties when actions have occurred. As a user, get notified only when you are needed in a workflow. In-app notifications and email notifications keep everyone informed in real-time.
User management: Permission based user access control allows you to invite your supply chain partners onto the software. Role-based access control (RBAC) and guest access allows our users to manage visibility and access to their supply chains.
Support: From validation packages to ongoing support, we want to make adopting our software as streamlined and simple as possible. We offer extensive training, but in general, our customers find our solution is so easy to use it’s often not required. Our in-app support, email support and phone support ensures that you always have someone to speak with.
Cloud-based SaaS: Our solution is a cloud-based SaaS product with best in class security, hosted on AWS. This makes the Veratrak platform seamlessly integrate with ERP and other systems. Veratrak is user-friendly with a modern user interface and allows for an out of the box implementation.
Blockchain-based immutable audit logs: Veratrak is the only live validated pharmaceutical document collaboration tool in the world to provide immutable blockchain-based audit logs. We can provide iron-clad proofs of an audit trail for internal and external regulators to ensure best data integrity practices and are searchable & filterable.
Free product upgrades: Veratrak is purpose-built for the pharmaceutical industry by pharmaceutical experts, therefore, we understand that additional upgrades, continuous product enhancements & security upgrades for compliance are part of the industry. As a result, Veratrak offers seamless upgrade experience & support for no additional cost.


Lead time reduction We add transparency, visibility and efficiency to critical business operations by tracking, managing and auditing batch documentation and artwork workflows. This control over your supply chain allows you to increase approval process lead times and dramatically reduce cycle times & potential stock-outs.
Efficient workflow We create an efficient workflow for our customers by providing a collaborative workspace for sharing critical data and documentation. We eliminate cumbersome email communication inefficiencies from internal and external document processes. Our platform aids operational performance. This saves our customers, and theirs, valuable time and money.
Invaluable insight Our data-driven methodology gives our customers actionable insights, allowing them to overcome inefficiencies they may not even be aware of. Our regulatory resilience gives our customers a quality solution that they can rely on. We help you strive for excellence as our platform generates actionable insights to benefit operations.
Beyond the status quo & key business differentiator We are moving companies from paper to platform, offering a digital solution designed with the future of pharma in mind. We offer our clients an innovative-edge compared to their competitors, allowing you to win more business. We offer our customers practical solutions that allow for real change in their organisations, often solving problems before they arise.
Data integrity & compliance Our solution is built for pharma by pharma, with input from real experts. We are continuously developing our offering to fit the industry’s needs. Leveraging blockchain our platform stores data as part of an immutable ledger and permits secure data sharing across your supply chain partners. We give complete peace of mind when it comes to GxP compliance, cybersecurity and critical document transfer.
No implementation required Our solution is a cloud-based SaaS product with best in class security. This means the product is ready to use without any tedious implementation or training, right out of the box. In addition, for complex business processes and workflows, the solution can be seamlessly integrated into your existing internal systems, such as your ERP and QMS, with our dedicated integration support.