What is Veratrak

Veratrak is a secure, collaborative document sharing platform for the pharmaceutical supply chain.


Create a workspace to invite your partners to collaborate.


Review, approve and sign all documents easily with an industry compliant e-signature enabling seamless collaboration.


Verify the authenticity, versioning, and provide visibility to all documents events through an immutable blockchain powered audit trail.

Due to the immutable nature of information stored on the blockchain, Veratrak utilises blockchain technology to create an ironclad audit trail of actions performed within our Document Collaboration tool.

If you would like to hear more about how to improve efficiency on document collaboration and create a secure audit trail, book a free demo with us!

What is an Ether Card

Ether, like Bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency, specifically the cryptocurrency that powers the Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a digital asset, that can be traded and used for payments, but also acts as "fuel" for the decentralized applications on the Ethereum network, that use it for transaction fees and services.

Ether cards are 'physical ether'. They're a quick and convenient way to give ether, tokens, or other blockchain assets to friends and family, and a great way to introduce people to the power of the Ethereum blockchain.

We would like to give you a peek into the world of blockchain with your Veratrak ether card. You can find further details how to redeem your crypto currency and some suggestions on how to use it.

ether card

How to redeem

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On redeeming your Ether card, the funds should be added to your cards wallet balance within 14 days.

Accessing your wallet funds

The safest, recommended way:

  1. Download Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  2. Install the Metamask extension
  3. Scratch the back of the card and enter the seed phrase from left to right
  4. Set a password to protect your Metamask account
  5. You should see the funds in your ether wallet
  6. Store your card somewhere safe, the seed phrase is like a PIN to your bank card, you don't want to lose it!

You are all set! You can trade your crypto on the trading sites or you can spend it in distributed applications, see examples below.

How to use your Ether


Spend your Ether at dApps (Decentralized Apps). dApps are are applications that use Ether as a currency, such as Ethlance , where freelancers can work or be hired for Ether, Dharma Plex where you can take out a loan of cryptoassets, or purchase virtual pets in Crypto Kitties.

See more dApps at State of the dApps.


Trade your Ether at cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance. Watch the markets of new and existing cryptocurrencies, buy or sell at the right time, and you might just make some profit.


Cryptocurrencies are newly emerging technologies, and therefore quite volatile. Hold your Ether as an asset that may be worth more (or less) in years to come.