Veratrak becomes a founding member of the First European Blockchain Working Group for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Veratrak is excited to announce that they are a founding member of the European Platform on Changing Healthcare (EPOCH). This is the First European Blockchain Working Group for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

EPOCH is an industry-specific technology working group that brings together pharmaceutical supply chain executives, emerging technologies thought leaders, standards agencies and 3rd party consultants/innovation groups.

With interactive collaboration, the platform aims to: create dialogue about the future of the industry for adopting innovative technologies, produce industry papers outlining recommendations and a roadmap to adopting a more lean and secure pharmaceutical supply chain, and educate about the capabilities of blockchain using a pragmatic and hypothesis-driven approach.

To learn more and become a member visit or follow EPOCH on Twitter @theEPOCHgroup.

Who are we?

Veratrak's documentation management and collaboration platform allows Pharmaceutical Supply Chain companies to better collaborate, increasing security and efficiency. Our practical use of blockchain technology provides a rock solid audit trail of documentation handovers for our customers.