Veratrak CEO, Jason Lacombe discusses blockchain on expert panel

As part of a joint event between the Oxford Foundry and the Oxford University Blockchain Society, Veratrak CEO, Jason Lacombe discussed with fellow experts "How Blockchain Will Radically Change our Society".

The event was billed as "an evening conversation about what Blockchain is capable of doing, and how it will transform business, work, governance and society." and Jason was involved in some in depth discussion with the other experts on the panel.

The panel comprised of:

  • Jack Laing, Oxford University Blockchain Society President (Chair)
  • Ludwig Siegele, Technology Editor at The Economist
  • Ruth Milligan, Head of Financial Services & Payments Programme at Tech UK
  • Jason Lacombe, CEO at Veratrak
  • Professor Vili Lehdonvirta, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute

Discussion topics ranged from Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs), to the implications of immutability for data privacy. The panel was followed by a networking session with many more questions and interesting discussion on how Veratrak is practically solving problems within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Panel Audience

Audience at Oxford Foundry Panel

Who are we?

Veratrak's documentation management and collaboration platform allows Pharmaceutical Supply Chain companies to better collaborate, increasing security and efficiency. Our practical use of blockchain technology provides a rock solid audit trail of documentation handovers for our customers.